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Austin techies have got it made. You live in a beautiful and vibrant city that offers unparalleled entertainment opportunities to work, and it also happens to be a high tech Mecca. Knowing the top tech careers in Austin prepares you to find a tech gig in one of the city’s top industries. A person with an understanding of the tech opportunities available has the tools to find the perfect niche for their abilities and a firm idea of what they need to do to get the right training for the job.


Our guide to Austin tech has the key info that helps you find your career path and make it as profitable an experience as possible. We provide you with snapshots of in-demand tech professions like systems administrator, software engineer, mobile developer, and database engineer. You also find out how local salaries stack up against the national averages listed by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Our look at tech careers in Austin gives you the tools for success.


Systems Administrator


A server room
Get paid to make the servers march in time.


Today’s businesses rely on their server infrastructure for pretty much everything. Those servers require constant maintenance and development to continue functioning in peak condition, and folks who know how to take care of them pull in handsome salaries. Austin pays its sysadmins an average of $61K in many cases, compared to the national average of about $82K. However, thanks to Austin’s low cost of living, you get to hold onto more of those wages.


Systems administrators count on their vast experience with operating systems to accomplish much of their work. Learning Windows and MacOS helps you find work, but having a command of Linux is still considered the most valuable point for the role. Study Ubuntu and Red Hat, which are the most popular Linux flavors. Database skills come in handy as well, so brush up your SQL chops.


Web Engineer


A person points at computer code
Want to make nice money and change the way people work and play? Learn to program.


Almost every Austin company from restaurants to plumbing supply stores have some sort of web presence. Websites are essential equipment for business success nowadays, and folks who have the skills to develop, maintain, and update those sites clean up come payday. Web developers who work in the Austin area look forward to annual pay of $65K or more, which is below the $70K national average but in line with Austin’s costs. If you take to web programming like a duck to water, consider making it your career.


Web software engineers are trained in web languages like Python, Java, HTML, and CSS. Learn server-side languages such as Perl, Objective-C, and JavaScript to give yourself back end development experience and increase your value as an employee. There are lots of outstanding free training programs available online, and Austin also has some top-quality study courses available.


Mobile Developer


A man holds a mobile phone
Don’t you want to get paid to design new apps and make this man smile?


Our tablets and mobile phones have become as essential as our hands and feet in a very short time, and much of that is due to the proliferation of mobile apps. Every Austin, TX technology company that wants to secure its future has a mobile presence, and all of the mobile apps they offer require regular care to keep them current. Mobile developers in Austin command annual salaries in excess of $93K, putting local programmers about $10K below the national rate.


Mobile software developers work with many of the same tools as web engineers and learn many of the same languages. CSS, JavaScript, and Python all come into play when you work on mobile applications and are required topics of study. Get comfortable working within the development cycle, and build your own apps in your free time. Doing so impresses hiring managers and builds your skill set.


Database Engineer


Filing cabinets
If you can build better digital filing systems, you can write your own ticket.


The modern business landscape is full of data looking for a home. Austin tech companies generate enormous amounts of information that gets filed away for future use, and the folks who have the ability to design reliable and secure databases make big bucks. Database engineers in Austin bring home $157K, which tops the national estimate by a huge amount. If you have a gift for math and love organization, this might be your ideal gig.


As you might expect, knowing database platforms goes a long way toward ensuring you succeed in the job. Get to know the SQL language, and train up on MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server and other popular choices for database development. Drill yourself at debugging, which makes or breaks a database engineer. And work on soft skills such as communication, which come in handy more often than you might expect.


And there you have it, job alert hunters. The Austin advanced technology scene is thriving and now you have the information required to find the right career path. Our guide looks at Austin tech careers and shows you how to pick up training and start working in a field you love.


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