Top Startups to Watch Austin


Austin has been a hot spot for venture funding for a few years now. Last year alone, Austin received $1.84 billion venture funding compared to $1.54 billion in 2018 and $983 million in 2017.


In 2018, startup companies in Austin brought in 61 percent of the venture dollars raised, a total of $3 billion.


Austin has consistently ranked on top of lists at Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., and CNBC as one of the top cities for startups.


In a 2018 LinkedIn survey, Austin was ranked the number five spot in a list of the top 10 US cities San Francisco LinkedIn users were migrating to. And in that same year, Brookings report placed Austin as number six in a list of US cities attracting the most millennials, making Austin a hot prospect for young professionals.


Here is a list of 50 Austin startups to watch in 2020.




Trelar Logo
Trelar provides Saas solution for construction companies.


Trelar is an advanced logistics and material ordering platform and SaaS workflow solution for the construction logistics industry.


The company was recently acquired by HaulHub Technologies – a leading provider of integrated digital supply chain solutions for the industry.


HaulHub Technologies had raised two rounds of capital before the acquisition from investors. This was led by San Francisco and Singapore-based construction tech investor Fundamental – a global investor in construction technology.


The company is excited to combine resources and accelerate HaulHub’s industry-leading position as the digital supply chain platform for heavy construction workflows.


Reliant Immune


Dr Henry Legere, founder of Reliant ID
Reliant ID provides healthcare wellness.


Reliant Immune Diagnostics, or Reliant ID, is on a mission to democratize healthcare. The startup provides control and convenience to consumers through mobile phones where they can take charge of their healthcare anytime.


Reliant ID’s mobile app, MDBox telemedicine, provides cost-effective, symptom-specific, and consumer-driven healthcare and wellness. MDBox offers transparent pricing, retail pharmacy partnerships, and integrated medical services. Reliant MD Medical Associates coordinates care over its Reliant ID Electronic Medical Record, or EMR, system.


The company leverages the latest innovations in biomedical engineering and machine learning to develop cutting-edge techniques and algorithms for rapid tests, medical AI systems, and big data analytics.


The diagnostic tools and personal health data tracking provides a complete consumer-driven health platform for testing, diagnosing, and monitoring solutions.




Tenfold team
Tenfold connects customers with companies.


Tenfold is a software company that enables businesses to have better customer conversations. Tenfold provides the connective tissue between a company’s communication platforms and customer data. With Tenfold service, a customer can avoid the hassle of repeatedly giving the same information, being put on hold for long and not getting any help at the end. When you speak to a company using Tenfold, a representative has all of your relevant information in front of them.


The company’s mission is to put bad customer service out of business, on the phone or wherever it may hide. 


Tenfold’s core values include customer satisfaction, teamwork, honesty, and transparency, among others.




The Kazoo team
Kazoo is a people management platform.


Kazoo is an all-in-one people management solution that combines recognition, engagement, and performance in one powerful platform. With over 600 global customers, the Kazoo platform offers real-time recognition and rewards, continuous performance management, and employee engagement surveys to build purpose-driven cultures while increasing productivity, retention, and revenue.


The startup was built with a promise to give employees what they need to be engaged with their work and colleagues to drive results for the company. Which is why they frequently use their tagline “Kazoo is when work is working”.




Mohammed Ashour Co-Founder and CEO
Aspire Food Group uses insects to produce superfood.


Aspire Food Group is a global food-tech company based in Austin. The startup addresses issues of food security and sustainability by developing low-cost pioneering technology to commercialize the cleanest and most ethical source of animal protein in the world: insects.


At Aspire, farms process crickets into all-natural, sustainable, superfood ingredients that are nutritionally superior to livestock, cell-cultured, and plant-based alternatives. Aspire targets markets that utilize crickets and their byproducts in human and pet nutrition, biomedicine and agrochemicals.


The startup recently acquired Exo, a Brooklyn-based company that produces cricket-based protein bars. This acquisition will help integrate Exo’s product line into Aspire’s data-driven farming operations and supply chain to create new products and fuel the future growth of both customer bases, and the food-tech industry.


Aspire was launched in 2013 after CEO Mohammed Ashour led a group of five McGill University students to defeat over 10,000 teams from around the world to win the prestigious $1 million Hult Prize presented by President Bill Clinton.


Mohammed is a recipient of multiple awards including the 2018 Leadership Award from the Specialty Food Association, the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award, and the Top MBA Impact Maker Award from McGill University. 


He has been featured in well-known publications and is a frequent speaker at global conferences. Aspire has been recognized by Fast Company as a “World Changing Idea” and has been referred to by the United Nations FAO as “an idea whose time has come”.




Bumble’s office photo by Casey Dunn
Bumble is a dating and networking platform.


Bumble is a women-first social networking platform, founded by CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd in 2014. The platform is more than just a dating app. It contains three different modes, including Bumble Bizz, Bumble BFF, and Bumble Date, for professional networking, friend-finding, and dating. 


Bumble is on a mission to end misogyny and build a kinder internet by holding people accountable for their actions online. On Bumble, women are given the advantage to make the first move.


Moderators hold users accountable for their actions and have zero tolerance for hate, aggression or bullying. Kindness, respect, equality, accountability, growth, courage, and inclusion are company values.


The mobile app has over 85 million users and is available in 150 countries. Since 2014, Bumble has facilitated over a billion women-led first moves and over ten billion messages sent.


Event Vines


Event Vine team members at the office
Event Vine connects planners and agencies to organize events.


Event Vines helps planners and agencies find people, places, and things to create meaningful group experiences. The startup offers services to enhance and create community, corporate, and private events.


The company provides an enhanced user experience by partnering with planners and agencies to offer white-glove service venue scouting, event vendor sourcing, and a la carte event services.


The startup has worked with Shell, SHI International, Facebook, and more.


Event Vines was founded by Callie Ogden Milbrandt, who came up with the idea while working in the event and real estate industry. Through Event Vines, she aspires to create spaces—both on and offline—to bring meaningful experiences to life.




Co-founder and CEO Curtis Gattis
LeadingReach is a referral management platform.


LeadingReach is a referral management and patient engagement platform that provides a better way for healthcare providers to communicate. 


LeadingReach is used in clinics and hospitals to drive operational efficiency, improve the patient experience and ultimately reduce overall cost.


The company empowers healthcare professionals to be efficient through improved communication and care coordination. It also gives patients a better wellness experience and access to healthier lives.




The Worksmith team
Worksmith provides an all in one solution for retailers.


Worksmith is an all-in-one solution for store experience management. With their easy-to-use software, the company enables retailers to source, schedule, and pay vendors all in one place.


The company’s services include facilities maintenance, commercial cleaning, linen and garment care, events rentals, store design, and more.


Worksmith serves over 6,000 store locations for leading brands like Burberry, Nespresso, Casper, and Madewell.




The Engagency team
Engagency specializes in Sitecore.


Engagency is an enterprise Web Experience Management systems integrator and consulting company. The startup specializes in Sitecore – the world’s leading .NET content management system. Engagency’s mission is to help companies drive top-line revenue, and get the most out of Sitecore, by building sites that speak to everyone.


Engagency helps customers communicate in multiple languages, localize for different markets, optimize for disabilities and comply with data privacy laws. Through their services, they help customers amplify their message across various audiences.




The NarrativeDx team
NarrativeDx improves healthcare for patients and employees.


NarrativeDx helps healthcare leadership identify trends and actionable improvement opportunities for patients and employees. The company, through patient feedback, satisfaction surveys, and online reviews, helps identify the root causes of problems for healthcare providers. Its tools also help deliver exceptional experiences that drive up to 50 percent in financial performance.




The Infocyte team
Infocyte helps security teams identify threats.


Infocyte was developed by US Air Force cybersecurity officers to help identify, contain, and eradicate network threats capable of evading top defensive technologies.


The company uses a cloud-based intelligent yet easy-to-use platform called HUNT to provide proactive security to the midmarket through managed security service providers and Infocyte partners.


HUNT forensically inspects hosts, such as workstations and servers, and identifies hidden malware and other advanced threats.


The platform is designed to help small and mid-sized organizations implement a fully equipped proactive threat detection and response program without the large overhead costs.


Day Dreamer


The Day Dreamer team
Day Dreamer connects creative people.


Mary Walker, the co-founder of Day Dreamer, while living in Los Angeles, witnessed the frustration in finding creative people to collaborate with in and outside of particular mediums. The company was born out of the call for connecting creatives.


Day Dreamer lets local creatives connect and collaborate to build networks. The Day Dreamer app allows artists to filter through portfolios and find their ideal photographers, composers, and makeup artists, among others.


In June of 2018, Day Dreamer was selected to be part of Tarmac TX’s 2018 cohort, along with eight other Austin-based tech startups and Day Dreamer was selected as a MassChallenge TX finalist last year.




CEO Kanwal Sharma with a KubeSound product
KUBE is a wireless portable speaker.


KUBE is a high-performance wireless speaker. CEO Kanwal Sharma created KUBE to provide a great listening experience for people gathered in large spaces.


KUBE features great engineering, design, and manufacturing. These principals allow KUBE to deliver 360 degrees of incredible sound, radiating bass and mids evenly with low distortion levels.


KUBE connects to devices easily through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth®, using software already on smartphones, tablets, and laptops.




The Newchip team
Newchip provides tools for startups.
Newchip is an online accelerator program focused on helping founders raise funds. Whereas most accelerators are focused on helping startups develop their product, Newchip helps entrepreneurs develop the skills necessary to close funding for their business. 
Newchip’s mission is to deliver results and set the standard for the entrepreneurs and investors everywhere.
As Newchip is 100% remote, their program includes live classes, one-to-one training and advisor sessions, masterminds, virtual demo days with investors, and more. 


Abraxas Technology


The Abraxas Technology logo

Abraxas Technology provides visibility to advertising stakeholders.


Abraxas Technology provides real-time visibility, engagement, and customer behavior metrics for advertisers. Abraxas Technology is a veteran-owned startup. The mission is to make out-of-home advertising as targeted and measurable as its online counterpart.


Abraxas Technology is transforming the analog world of outdoor advertising with digital analytic solutions through real-time data and consumer behavior analytics. 




Fieldcraft co-founders
Fieldcraft is a marketing platform for food systems.


Fieldcraft simplifies marketing to help businesses and connect people and markets to empower resilient food systems. The company strives to find new ways to make interactions between buyers and producers more efficient and easier than ever before.


The company provides a single platform for food and beverage production where commodities and ingredients are transported from farm to foodtech.




The Rabbet team
Rabbet is a construction finance company.


Rabbet is a young, fast-paced startup striving to bring efficiency, accuracy, and transparency to the construction finance industry. 


Rabbet wants to solve the problems for real estate lenders and developers. Rabbet offers intelligent parsing of documents and connects information for reduced administrative burden and faster funding.


Rabbet was formerly known as Contract Simply.




The Everlywell team
Everlywell creates healthcare test kits.


Everlywell is a digital health company that creates affordable health test kits and provides easy access to lab testing.


With its kit, you collect your sample at home and send it over though prepaid mail service. The test then arrives at a laboratory where a board-certified physician reviews and validates your results. Everlywell provides a complete, easy-to-read results report online within a few days. 


Everlywell’s mission is to build a world where everyone can access affordable and insightful lab tests from their home. The company wants to empower people to take control of their health through its accessible and affordable lab service.




The Dosh team
Dosh is a digital advertising company.


Dosh connects advertising brands to their customers through a cashback platform. 


When a user shops, travels, or eats out, Dosh finds offers and coupons to apply cash back on purchases. Through the app, the user does not have to spend time searching for coupons, receipt scanning, or offers online.


The app puts money back into the pockets of consumers and businesses, using technology to eliminate wasteful spending.


Dosh focuses on democratizing the world’s advertising for the benefit of millions of consumers every day.




The DISCO team
DISCO provides software as a service for lawyers.


DISCO is a leading provider of software as a service for lawyers. The company is   reinventing legal technology to automate and simplify complex and error-prone tasks that distract the lawyers from practicing law. 


DISCO provides services to more than 400 law firms, including 50 of the top AmLaw 200 companies. DISCO is known for its innovative technologies that enhance law practice to help secure justice and win cases.


High Brew Coffee


The High Brew Coffee team
High Brew Coffee is a ready to drink coffee company.


High Brew Coffee is a ready-to-drink cold brew coffee company. The beverage originates in Austin and is made with certified fair-trade Arabica beans.


High Brew Coffee was born after two boot-strapping entrepreneurs sold their 13-year-old company and sailed the high seas. Their need to stay alert through warm nights on rough waters brought them to cold-brewed coffee. They thus created High Brew Coffee: an ice-cold, premium coffee that is convenient and portable for coffee lovers.




ClearDATA co-founders
ClearDATA is a healthcare cloud security company.


ClearDATA is a healthcare-specific multi-cloud security, privacy and compliance organization. The company aims to improve healthcare through innovation and modernization.


The company’s healthcare cloud platform helps providers and healthcare technology organizations modernize their infrastructure, improve security and enable data environments for analytics, AI and machine learning.


Lettuce Networks


Lettuce Networks's homepage
Lettuce uses technology to create food ecosystems.


Lettuce Networks creates technology-enabled food ecosystems in urban areas. The company turns unused urban land and resources into productive farms. Nutritious produce from these farms is then delivered to customers in zero-waste containers. 


Lettuce Networks’ technology platform helps connect and empower local food participants, including growers, artisans, and consumers with online tools, support, delivery, logistics, content, marketing, and community engagement.




The ClosedLoop team
ClosedLoop is a healthcare data science platform.


ClosedLoop is a healthcare data science platform.  The company uses AI to predict health-related factors ranging from stem cell transplant to patient re-admissions at a hospital, to no-shows for an appointment.


The company provides easy and affordable solutions for healthcare organizations to use data science to improve quality and reduce costs.


Living Security

The Living Security logo
Living Security secures and protects data.


Living Security helps organizations maintain security and protect data through fostering positive security habits in their employees. The security company uses behavioral science training through interactive platforms.


Living Security believes that caring about your employees and providing training programs help develop an employer-employee relationship that results in long term success and prevention of ever-evolving cyber threat risks.


BioTRUST Nutrition


Biotrust Nutrition's homepage
Biotrust Nutrition is a natural line of food supplements.


BioTrust Nutrition creates and distributes an all-natural line of food and supplement products to help people live a healthier lifestyle.


In 2012, Josh Bezoni and Joel Marion founded BioTrust Nutrition. They wanted to create products that were bigger and better than other products on the market.


BioTrust Nutrition ensures both quality ingredients and scientific effectiveness in their products.


Snap Kitchen


A Snap Kitchen product
Snap Kitchen is a meal delivery kit service.


Snap Kitchen is a meal delivery service. Snap Kitchen chefs and dietitians reimagine comfort food into delicious dishes with a healthy twist.


The company wants to empower busy people to eat clean without compromising on taste and health.


On the Snap Kitchen website, customers pick their meals and add their favorite ingredients. The meals are then shipped to the customer’s location.




Dropoff's homepage
Dropoff provides same day delivery.


Dropoff is one of the first national brands for same-day delivery services. The company uses its technology platform to provide convenience and reliability to customers.


Dropoff provides services such as access to online ordering services, flexible delivery options, transparent pricing, real-time tracking and confirmations, and a feature-rich application programming interface for a seamless last-mile logistics solution. 


All Dropoff drivers are uniformed for easy identification. Through bikes, cars, trucks, and vans, Dropoff delivers almost everything ranging from a letter to catering for 200 people.


Elligo Health Research


The Elligo Health Research logo
Elligo Health Research provides clinical research services.


Elligo Health Research uses state-of-the-art technology to provide on-demand clinical research services to physicians and patients to enable participation in clinical trials.


Elligo simplifies the process for patients and healthcare facilities without referring them to research centers. 


Through its services, the company wants to accelerate the development of new pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device products and therapies.


TurnKey Vacation Rentals


The TurnKey team
TurnKey matches vacation rentals.


TurnKey Vacation Rentals is based in Austin. The company was founded in 2013 with to enhance the lives of homeowners and travelers by offering a consistent and reliable vacation rental experience.


TurnKey Vacation Rentals markets and manages premier vacation rental homes in top US destinations. The company uses in-market expertise and proprietary technology to match homeowners and their guests with reliable, authentic and affordable vacation rentals.


TurnKey has millions of properties and tens of thousands of hosts to choose from. Its service strives to  relieve stress by matching travelers with the right home for their needs.




OpticTour CEO Ramin Jahedi
OpticTour improves digital visibility.


OpticTour takes a closer look at your online presence and comprehensively diagnoses and treats your digital visibility. The company highly values digital foundations oftentimes overlooked. 


OpticTour believes not everything about your business needs uprooting and your initial passion for your entrepreneurship should always remain front and center. 


The company loves evolving alongside exciting tech advancement and offers a multitude of digital marketing services – however, OpticTour stands firm in showing clients their initial needs while keeping steps simple.


Ramin Jahedi started the company and continues with a singular goal in mind: Helping people recognize their capability in locating their own unique trademark of happiness. Happiness can vary person-to-person, but it’s always attainable – all that is needed is the correct viewing lens.




The Restream team
Restream allows live streaming on multiple platforms.


Restream helps content creators reach a wider audience by allowing video streaming on multiple platforms at the same time. For example, users can distribute and monetize live video content to reach audiences on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and 30+ other platforms simultaneously.


Restream customers include professional and amateur gamers, Fortune 500 companies, media, politicians, and celebrities.


Cloud Payments


The Cloud Payments logo

Cloud Payments modernizes financial processes.


The Cloud Payments Network helps large enterprises modernize and digitize their electronic payments processes. The company, an Integrated Solutions Vendor, caters to sectors like business, government, healthcare, and education that struggle with rapid changes in commerce and information.


The Cloud Payments Network strives to transform the digital economy through efficient and affordable techniques.


OJO Labs


OJO Labs is a real estate tech company.


OJO Labs is an Austin-based technology company. The company serves brokers, real estate agents and home buyers/sellers in 45+ markets across North America, making complex home-buying decisions easier.


The company uses AI technology and industry expertise to deliver personalized recommendations. OJO engages with consumers via text, sending proactive property recommendations, answering hyper-specific questions on demand, and connecting consumers with agents, inspectors, and mortgage brokers.


OJO Labs has received more than 30 major industry and workplace awards, including the AI Breakthrough Awards and Fortune Magazine’s Best Workplaces.




The ByPass POS team
Bypass deals with point of sale systems.


Bypass, which is now part of Fiserv, is a leading innovator in enterprise point of sale systems. Bypass offers robust back-office management tools, and rich insights engines for the multi-site food and beverage industry.


The company’s mission is to change the POS so a customer can have a tailored experience. With its point-of-sale and management solutions, Bypass takes over the e-commerce experience and brings it to physical merchants in the world.




The® office® helps you find the right home.® is a leading homes for sales website, offering home buying and selling services, comprehensive source of for-sale properties, tools, and professional expertise to help people make the right home decisions.


Consumers and buyers connect through the Opcity platform for professional guidance and support.


Last year,® and Opcity brands were unified under the® umbrella to further strengthen the customer experience.


Heart Rate Social


Heart Rate Social CEO Christopher VanBerg
The Heart Rate Social app connects health conscious people.


Heart Rate Social is a social networking app that connects health-conscious people through dating, friendship, social circles, and workout buddies.


Users can find a tennis partner, workout friend, yoga lover, CrossFit cohort, paleo-friendly eater, and a vegan dinner mate.


Sock Club


The Sock Club team
Sock Club creates customized socks.


Sock Club designs and manufactures custom socks. The company offers businesses an opportunity to empower their brands in a creative and tangible way through custom socks.


Socks are a great giveaway item for promotional items, corporate gifts, and special events. 


Sock Club offers its own design templates to help you create your custom designs, and offer assistance through their designers throughout the process.




The CloudARK logo
CloudARK offers Kubernetes application stacks.


CloudARK offers Kubernetes application stacks through the company’s innovative Platform-as-Code technology. DevOps teams accelerate onboarding enterprise workloads on Kubernetes, leveraging CloudARK’s customizable stacks.


A CloudARK subscription includes commercial solution engineering and support for Kubernetes ecosystem projects.


Sandbox Commerce


The Sandbox Commerce's homepage
Sandbox Commerce creates mobile apps.


Sandbox Commerce is a mobile commerce development platform for online retailers and brands with no coding involved. Sandbox helps brands and retailers launch progressive and native mobile apps on the web, iTunes and Google Play app stores. Sandbox provides the necessary tools and services to marketing and e-commerce teams to help sell products effectively to target audiences.




The ArtCraft Entertainment logo

ArtCraft creates online games.


ArtCraft Entertainment is an independent developer and publisher of interactive entertainment for global consumers.


ArtCraft Entertainment is a small team of accomplished artists, designers, and engineers that include some of the most experienced game developers in the country.


ArtCraft in 2015 announced their flagship title, Crowfall®, a hybrid multiplayer role-playing and large-scale strategy game.




ElecTrip's homepage
ElecTrip is an eco friendly transport service.


ElecTrip is a private transport service company that uses electric vehicles to drive customers between Texas cities in a safe, efficient, and eco-friendly way.


ElecTrip vehicles are equipped with WiFi, laptop charging ports, and snacks and drinks.


The company ensures all vehicles have sufficient charge to reach destinations and have experienced drivers and ground support teams to make repairs.


Everydey Style


Everydey Style's CEO, Ashley Dey
Everydey Style is a second hand clothing company.


Everydey Style rescues and reuses things to create out-of-the-box styles and ideas for secondhand clothing.


Some of the styles include vintage, boho, classic, or quirky.


An Everydey Style team’s mission is to find items that will have you feeling and looking your best.




The BikeLord logo
BikeLord buys and sells bicycles.


Bikelord is a local bicycle buying and selling place. The company helps find your perfect fit bike through a height and style match. 


The bicycles are recycled and restored to like-new condition. All used bike sales at support local shops throughout the United States.




Ambianic's CEO
Ambianic is an Open Source Ambient Intelligence platform.


Ambianic is an open-source ambient intelligence platform that puts local control and privacy first. The platform enables users to train and share custom AI models without compromising privacy.


Ambianic envisions a personalized experience, leveraging the power of a modern, open-source algorithm.


Some of the features include turning conventional door locks into smart contraptions with face recognition and a real-time toddler alert system.




The Popspots Logo
Popspots is a digital advertising network for retail businesses.


Popspots is a digital advertising network for retail businesses. The company uses AI-powered technology that helps brands and retailers drive awareness, engagement, and conversion – directly at the point of purchase.


Popspots uses new technology to solve decades-old problems like out-of-stock products and planogram compliance. Its smart checkout displays combine video advertising with a product management platform. With actionable reports and access to both current and historical performance, brands and retailers can make data-driven decisions that deliver immediate and impactful value.




Playbook’s welcome page
Playbook empowers company leaders.


Playbook is a product and software development company. It is the first place for managers to go for any employee related scenario. Playbook creates a custom task list for processes by auto-assigning tasks to the right teammate with the right due date.


The company is on a mission to empower managers to be the best leaders they can be. After studying at Stanford, the founders built products for best in class companies including InVision and Oscar Health prior to starting Playbook.




Every year, fresh startups emerge in Austin, making the city a rising hub for tech. In this article, we covered a wide range of startups, ranging from IT and AI companies to customized sock producing startups. This shows that Austin booms for all kinds of industries and welcomes entrepreneurs with innovative and creative ideas from around the world.


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