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Austin’s tech scene is one of the fastest-growing economic industries of Texas. With startups and major corporations alike, vying for a spot in Austin’s booming economy, the city is only looking to grow its presence in the tech space. What does that mean for you? For starters, it means more jobs, more opportunities, and bigger payouts. 


As demand for competent and skilled tech workers continues to grow throughout the Austin area and beyond, the question soon becomes: “ Where do all of these workers become skilled in the first place?” If you’re in the market for a quality technical education in Austin or you’re just curious about the city’s tech scene, you’ve come to the right place! Stick around for the breakdown of the best job training programs in Austin, Texas. 


Austin’s Tech Scene


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Austin’s tech scene is growing at lightning speed!


While previously underestimated, the city of Austin has proved to be one of the most lucrative tech markets in the South. While originally known as the home of major tech corporation Dell, the city has gone on to house some of the biggest names in the industry, including AT&T, Adobe, 3M, Apple, Amazon, and more. 


The Future of Silicon Hills 


We’ve all heard of the successful tech scene of Silicon Valley, located near San Francisco. What you may not have heard of is the successful tech economy of Silicon Hills. Austin, Texas, has been given the name “Silicon Hills” by both native tech workers and those across the globe. The city has done much to live up to this name in the last few years. 


The startup scene of Austin is one of the biggest contributing factors to the city’s success. The city is home to an estimated 5000+ startups located in both downtown Austin and the surrounding areas. These startups have brought in almost $1 billion dollars to the city through various rounds of funding. 


What does this mean for tech workers looking to call Austin home? Well, for starters, the average tech worker in Austin makes around $125,000 per year. This number is huge when you take into account that the average cost of living in Austin is only $55,000 per year. Not only is this cost of living exponentially lower than that of Silicon Valley, but the average housing cost in Austin is also extremely lower than other tech cities. The average cost of a home in Austin is around $370,000. 


Best Job Training Programs in Austin


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Check out these top Austin programs! 


There are many different job training programs in Austin and the surrounding areas. With so many options to choose from, it may be confusing to decide which one is right for you. We’ve done our best to break down the most promising job training programs in Austin to show you the benefits of each program. For clarity, we’ve divided them into coding bootcamps, public/free programs, and financial benefits. Let’s dive into the best job training programs in Austin. 


Best Austin Coding Bootcamps


1. General Assembly 

General Assembly is a major coding bootcamp company with locations across the globe. As major industry players, the company has garnered support from a variety of companies in the tech industry. The extensive alumni network of General Assembly is also another factor in the success of current graduates. General Assembly works hard to forge such partnerships to give its alumni the best opportunities possible to succeed. Tuition for General Assembly ranges from $14,000 to $16,000. The bootcamp offers both full time and part-time courses as well as online options. There are currently four full-time programs and a variety of part-time programs available at the Austin campus. 


2. Hack Reactor

Hack reactor is one of the most well known coding bootcamps in the tech industry, operating campuses across the US. The total cost of tuition at Hack Reactor is a little under $18,000. The program lasts for 12 weeks and includes a full-time course load. The goal of the Hack Reactor instructors is to help each student become a well-rounded software engineer. 


3. Austin Coding Academy

Austin Coding Academy offers a unique breakdown of their curriculum into four different tracks. Each track costs $2,990. All four tracks make up the Austin Coding Academy full stack web development course. All courses at Austin Coding Academy conveniently take place during the evenings to accommodate all schedules. The average Austin Coding Academy grad earns around $62,000 per year. 


4. Inventive Academy

Inventive Academy is unique because it is both a full-service consulting firm and educational facility. At Inventive Academy, students gain real-world, hands-on knowledge about the tech industry. The onsite boot camp lasts for a total of 26 weeks. Tuition is $13,000, or $11,000 if the student opts to take the course online. The curriculum at Inventive Academy is designed to help students become well rounded, career-ready, full-stack developers. 


5. UT Austin Bootcamps

UT Austin Bootcamps are coding bootcamps brought to you by the University of Texas at Austin. The bootcamp offers both part-time and full-time courses with tuition being $11,500 and $11,995, respectively. The bootcamps last anywhere from 12 to 24 weeks and offer five different areas of study. Curriculum options include data analysis, UX/UI, cybersecurity, web development, and digital marketing. 


Public/Free Job Training Programs in Austin


Workforce Solutions Capital Area

Workforce Solutions Capital Area helps central Texans get back to work and prepare for the workforce. Services include help with finding a job, building a resume, preparing for interviews, earning a GED, gaining occupational skills, and much more. 


Goodwill Central Texas

Goodwill Central Texas offers a variety of job training programs in Austin and the surrounding areas. Services include career advancement training, educational programs, interview coaching, occupational or technical certifications, career navigation, and much more. 


Financial Benefits for Job Training Programs in Austin


  • Self Sufficiency Fund 

This program is available to individuals that receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families or TANF. The program makes grants available to local colleges or nonprofits to help with job training and other assistance. The goal of the fund is to help TANF recipients become independent of government financial assistance. 


  • Post 9/11 GI Bill 

If you have served in the military after 9/11, you may be eligible for an educational grant through the post 9/11 GI Bill. A variety of coding bootcamps and other educational programs proudly accept the GI Bill as a valid form of tuition payment. 


What’s the Takeaway?


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What does this all mean for you?


The tech industry in Austin is growing faster than ever before. With more growth, inevitably comes more demand for qualified workers. That’s where you come in! Getting technical job training is easier than ever before. With coding bootcamps and other programs throughout the community, getting a high-tech education in Austin is more accessible than ever.


We are living in a new digital age. The industry itself is becoming more and more lucrative for workers of all skill levels. The cost of living in the United States continues to rise, so finding gainful employment means both security and opportunity for a better future. The tech industry provides thousands of jobs that fit this bill.


So, what does this mean for you? The tech industry in Austin and beyond is always looking for qualified talent. Getting trained and getting a job in the industry is an easier and quicker process than many people imagine. Take full advantage of this as you embark on your technical journey. Work to stay up to date on the latest happenings in the world of tech, because you never know when innovations may change the entire way we work throughout the industry!

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