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Home to almost 1 million people, Austin, Texas, is a bustling hub of creativity and innovation. Also known as the Silicon Hills, Austin is the major tech hub of central Texas. Home to some of the industry’s most influential leaders and even a significant center of Medtech innovation, the city’s tech industry is growing at lightning speed. With such growth inevitably comes more people, with more people comes a demand for more space. Coworking spaces are an excellent way for people to gather in professional settings to work, socialize, and create together. For this reason, the coworking industry in Austin, Texas, is booming. How does this affect you?


So, even if you’re not a full-time remote worker or freelancer, taking a break from the corporate office to work in a new environment is not only beneficial for your productivity, it can also improve your mental and physical health. With over 5,000 startups and numerous major corporations in the Austin area, coworking spaces are the ideal environment for small businesses and corporations alike. Coworking spaces have also proved to be great spaces for individual workers as well. Whatever your current work situation entails, using a coworking space may be the best move for you!


Why Do Coworking Spaces Matter?


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Have you worked in coffee shops before?


Working in coffee shops is now a thing of the past for many people. Coworking spaces are taking cities by storm and effectively changing the way many professionals collaborate and work.


Austin teems with innovative professionals committed to getting work done. With so much happening across the city, bustling professionals need a productive and comfortable place to get stuff done. Coworking spaces have filled that role. For Austin’s tech scene specifically, we’ve already seen a significant presence for both startups and the Medtech industries. These merging of industries proves that collaboration is a critical part of life in Silicon Hills.


Are Coworking Spaces Right for You?


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What makes a good coworking space?


At this point, you’re probably wondering if the world of coworking is right for you. In order to figure that out, you must first ask yourself a few questions. 


How much can I spend?


Ultimately one of the biggest questions that coworking hopefuls ask themselves is, “what am I willing to pay?”. This answer comes down to a few factors. These include your current financial situation, what you need from the space, and value.


1. What activities are important to me?

Coworking spaces are notable for the number of perks they offer. While each space varies greatly, many of them offer things such as free snacks, parking, networking events, and even gyms, meditation areas, and more. Some niche coworking spaces provide a variety of other perks as well. 


2. How much time will I spend coworking?

One of the biggest questions that many people forget to ask themselves before deciding on a coworking space is the fact of how much they actually plan to use the area. Deciding how much time you’ll spend at your coworking space can help you decide if the costs and perks are worth it for you. 


Best Coworking Spaces in Austin


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Are coworking spaces right for you?


Austin is home to a wide variety of industries. From tech to manufacturing and everything in between, Austin’s economy continues to grow at lightning speed. With this growth comes the need for workspaces for both individuals and large companies. Regardless of if you’re a freelancer or corporate employee, the truth is everyone needs a place to work. Coworking spaces recognized this need and turned it into a lucrative industry.


With so many different coworking options throughout the Lone Star state, how do you decide which one is right for you? With a few criteria in mind, we scoured the streets of Silicon Hills to bring you the best coworking spaces in Austin, Texas.


1. Capital Factory – Best for Techies

Capital Factory is one of the largest tech communities and investor hubs in Texas. The Downtown Austin location features over 81,000 square feet of coworking space, 900 tech-focused events, and over 150 tech industry mentors from Texas and beyond. Perks of this location include access to the VR/AR Lab, free coffee/snacks, conference spaces, and much more.


Memberships are granted through an application process with fees ranging from $375 to $600 per month.


2. Greenway Central – Best for Small Businesses 

Greenway Central is dedicated to improving the small business sector of Austin. With 12 person conference rooms and a variety of private offices, this space is perfect for small businesses who don’t want the hassle of their own building. Perks of the location include free parking, free cold brew, ample space to work, Member’s only happy hours and events, and much more. 


Prices start at $350 per month for individuals and between $700 to $1,500 per month for private offices. 


3. WeWork – Best Chain

WeWork has 6 locations in Austin alone, and another one on the way. Austin WeWork pricing varies based on each location across the city. 


Individual membership costs range from $350 to $1,000 per month. 


For teams and small businesses, the price rises further with monthly costs ranging from $700 to $1000+. 


4. Link Coworking – Best for Entrepreneurs 

Link Coworking is one of the original coworking spaces in the Austin area. Link has been in the coworking business since 2010. The company has continued to evolve over the past decade and offers the latest amenities to rival any other coworking space. Perks include free parking, free printing, phone booths, free coffee and snacks, two outdoor courtyards, access to member-only events, and much more! 


Shared desk pricing starts at $350 per month. 


5. Impact Hub Austin – Best for Socializing 

Impact Hub understands the strength that comes from a community. If you’re looking for a group of professionals who you can collaborate and stay motivated with, look no further than Impact Hub. With locations in both North and South Austin, Impact Hub is dedicated to expanding the professional community. Perks of the space include yoga and meditation classes, free parking, free coffee, dog-friendly offices, and access to a variety of events and workshops throughout the Austin area. 


Memberships start at $35 per month and rise as high as $500 per month for a dedicated desk. Private offices are also available for varying prices.


What’s the Takeaway?


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Could you see yourself using a coworking space?


Remote work is changing the way many people go about their workday. From free beer to in house gyms, coworking spaces are offering perks that many corporate offices still don’t. Coworking spaces are popping up across the nation and are now becoming a significant part of the work environment as we know it. 


What does this mean for the way you work? Could you find yourself one day working at a coworking space? The possibilities of productivity and innovation are endless with these spaces. The future of work as we know it will continue to change with the evolution of communal workspaces. Are you ready to be a part of the future of work?

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